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  • Standing on the Shoulders of Free Culture

    This is a crosspost of an article that I wrote for Commons Machinery: In her earlier post, Antje Käske mentioned that „intellectual creations are never the sole creation of one individual.“ I would go even further, stating that you can not claim ownership on intellectual goods at all. Why is that? The answer lies in […]

  • Spitzerfindigkeiten

    Manfred Spitzer bringt mit seinem Buch „Digitale Demenz“ Wirbel in unsere schöne neue Computerwelt. Letzten Sonntag saß er bei Günther Jauch. Ich finde es faszinierend, wie Spitzer es hinkriegt, so nah dran an einer wichtigen Erkenntnis zu sein und gleichzeitig so daneben liegen kann. Da ich mich mit digitaler Mündigkeit und Technikpaternalismus beschäftige, triggert Spitzer […]

  • Microsoft goes kindergarten

    I just visited a german kindergarten that has a concept to educate young children in computer skills. On the one hand I was very happy to see how both, boys and girls, learn how to work with computers and are tutored by women (which is good for the gender aspect). On the other hand I […]