South Park’s Genius Website Copyright Fail

Today I need to rant about something related to my all-time favourite TV show: South Park.

South Park is a great show, and I really appreciate that all their episodes can be watched in full on their website. I even accept that ads are shown at the beginning of each episode. They are trying out a new business model and I consider this a good thing. You have to try out stuff, even if it goes wrong.
Here’s what’s wrong with the South Park model.

Some time ago the US website for South Park was accessible from everywhere. There are nice features on it, like the SP avatar generator and a forum where fans can talk about the latest episodes. The forum is particularly interesting for non-native speakers because it’s a place to learn about all the colloquial jokes that need the kind of cultural background you just don’t acquire in other places, such as Europe.


This is what you get, when visiting from a german computer.