FSFE invites german citizens to ask their deputies about Free Software

FSFE (and especially I) started a little campaign to bug our deputies a little in the final stage on the hustings. On the Fellowship-Wiki we invite german citizens to write to their deputies with the help of Abgeordnetenwatch and ask questions about Free Software.
The Idea is, that the deputies not only get aware, that people have an interest in supporting Free Software, they also have to learn a little about Free Software if they want to be able to answer propperly. Or maybe they hear about that for the first time and have to look it up at Wikipedia.
However, our deputies are not often so keen to show that they are listening to the citizens and care about their interests. So we should really take the opportunity to get noticed and all ask about Free Software. The more people join, the bigger effect we’ll have.
Visit the Fellowship-Wiki to take part and get informed about what our deputies have to say about Free Software!

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