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  • Standing on the Shoulders of Free Culture

    This is a crosspost of an article that I wrote for Commons Machinery: In her earlier post, Antje Käske mentioned that „intellectual creations are never the sole creation of one individual.“ I would go even further, stating that you can not claim ownership on intellectual goods at all. Why is that? The answer lies in […]

  • A journey to a surveillance state – new motivation to resist found in India

    Seeing those men with machine guns at the airport entrance is not a comforting experience. By now we are used to having our passport inspected everywhere, but this time that is not enough. Only those who can show a ticket are allowed to enter the terminal building. Our case is an eventuality they are not […]

  • South Park’s Genius Website Copyright Fail

    Today I need to rant about something related to my all-time favourite TV show: South Park. South Park is a great show, and I really appreciate that all their episodes can be watched in full on their website. I even accept that ads are shown at the beginning of each episode. They are trying out […]

  • Microsoft goes kindergarten

    I just visited a german kindergarten that has a concept to educate young children in computer skills. On the one hand I was very happy to see how both, boys and girls, learn how to work with computers and are tutored by women (which is good for the gender aspect). On the other hand I […]

  • FSFE invites german citizens to ask their deputies about Free Software

    FSFE (and especially I) started a little campaign to bug our deputies a little in the final stage on the hustings. On the Fellowship-Wiki we invite german citizens to write to their deputies with the help of Abgeordnetenwatch and ask questions about Free Software. The Idea is, that the deputies not only get aware, that […]